Hello there, I’m Anna and I’m a blogger. I’m a 20-something Durham-er living in Sheffield who works in Marketing, is a wannabe novelist and has kept a diary since around the age of 8.

I recently moved to Yorkshire after a 3 year stint in London. My blog – formally known as The London Scrapbook – was created as an online scrapbook to record all of my memories of living in the big smoke. London was fun, I learnt a lot about myself and I’m so glad I experienced living there. But I moved North. Where I belong. You can read more about my thoughts on this relocation here.

And now? Well I’m continuing to blog because it allows me to be a columnist, travel writer, interviewer, photographer, make up artist, model, fitness instructor and cookery show host all in one dream-like package:

Scrapbook of Britain

Isn’t Britain great? My motto in life is to ‘Live life like a tourist’. There’s so much to see, do and experience on our doorsteps but many of us dream of escaping to other countries. Coming soon I’m dedicating a whole new website to our great nation, but in the meantime, you can read my – slightly more informal – take on it here.

Always take the stairs

Another motto of mine. It’s the little exertions of effort that can make the difference, so if you have the option to take the stairs, do it! I enjoy exploring different forms of exercise and have an on-going experiment to see what various food groups do to my body (it’s strangely enjoyable to do a scientific project on yourself).

Redhead recommends

I have lots of red hair and my mane is a part of who I am, I started wearing anti-ageing moisturiser from about age 12, I worked in Boots for 4 years and pretty much re-invested my wage into the company, and now I’m an advocate for sourcing as natural products as possible. Couple this beauty enthusiasm with a love of fashion, then I had to jump on the beauty and fashion blog band wagons.


From blogging tips to my thoughts on being a short, female northerner. These tend to be longer articles, if that’s your thing.

Contact me at bloggedbyanna@outlook.com or on Twitter @TweetedByAnna

13 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello!

    I have been passed the Writing Process Blog Tour and would like to pass the tour to you, if you’d like to accept?

    I am posting on Monday 21st and so the tour would pass to you to post on Monday 28th July.

    Please let me know if you’d like to accept the tour and I’ll link to you on Monday.

    • Hi Sara,

      So sorry I was late replying to this! I’ve been out in the countryside this weekend and had trouble accessing apps on my phone. Just read your post – I love Lucy’s blog who you recommend! x

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